Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Election commentary from Randy Newman.


dave trott said...

Love that Randy Newman song George.
My brother-in-law (who lives in NY but comes from Indiana) just sent me this clip.
I think it indicates the general malaise Americans seem to feel about the current state of the political debate.

bob hoffman said...

I am a big Randy Newman fan, but I gotta tell ya...I'm getting a little tired of zillionaire Hollywood assholes, who live in gated communities in Beverly Hills and send their kids to private schools, preaching to me about racism.

george tannenbaum said...

True, Bob.

dave trott said...

As someone who loves language, I wanted to send you this link to something I just wrote, but I've lost your email address:

simon billing said...

George: great post of a great American satirist.
Dave: I think perhaps America's problem has always been believing that being the greatest country in the world is synonymous with being the greatest country for Americans. That speech by Bill whateverisnameris would have been great had it been cut before the schmalzy sentimental crap that makes it 'saleable' to a US audience.
Bob: Champagne socialism is a great European tradition (me I'm a ginger beer socialist) but yeah I kind of agree with you.