Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to present.

I've told this story before but I believe it bears repeating. Because our industry is over-run by people who can't take yes for an answer.

Years ago I went to a parents' open house at my daughters' pre-school. There was a question and answer period with the head of the school presiding.

One woman got up and said words to this effect:

"Before my kid got here her art work sucked.

"After she left here, her art work sucked.

"But while she was here, her art work was great. What's your secret?"

The head of school replied sharply, "Oh, we know when to take the paper away."

The key to successful client meetings is taking the paper away. Present your work. Say your piece. Hear the response. Then fold up your bag and leave.

Nothing good will ever come from what account dweebs call "the discussion."

Shut the fuck up and take the paper away.


Rich Siegel said...

So true. As Steve Hayden once told me, "When the customer nods yes, put the shoes in the box and proceed directly to the register."

bob hoffman said...

Best sales advice any creative could get.