Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jack Nicholson and creatives.

As a child of the '60s and '70s and a natural-born contrarian, I grew up "questioning authority." Especially fauxthority, of the clipboard toting, watch-checking, penny ante martinet sort.

A generation and a half ago this scene spoke to us--a depiction of rules and petty bullshit gone mad.

Today, real creatives are Jack.

We all know too many waitresses.

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Todd said...

I love my daily dose of cynicism. It helps me realize that I'm not the only one.

In advertising, we're continually put in double-bind situations. This is from Wikipedia:

A double bind is an emotionally distressing dilemma in communication in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, in which one message negates the other. This creates a situation in which a successful response to one message results in a failed response to the other (and vice versa), so that the person will be automatically wrong regardless of response.

At one time, double bind environments were used to explain mental illness in children. It would apply, I would argue, to creatives as well.