Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Was there ever?

Was there...

Bacon before there was applewood to smoke it with?

Thinking before design thinking?

Design before design thinking?

Projects to manage before project management?

Ever a time before prime time?

Truth before we co-opted the word authenticity?

Honesty before we bastardized the notion by calling it transparency?

Reality before reality TV?

Anything well-made before we called it robust?

Or anything fast before we took-over the word agile?

Anyone who hated work before we called them toxic?

Jeans for skinny people before skinny jeans?

Good wages before we invented salary bands?

Getting together to work before we scheduled meetings for every minute of the day?

Planning before planners?

Strategy before strategists?

Opinions before focus groups?

Profits before holding companies?

Raises that come more often than every 36-month cycle?

Salaries that combated labor shortages?

Job security before people became disposable?

HR with real humans?

Ever a cannon that wasn't loose.

Toast before avocado?

Coffee where they could spell your name right?

Service with helpful, knowledgeable people?

Ever a good ad derived from data?

Ever good copy written by AI?

Good copy that's survived 17 rounds of revisions?

An evangelical who believes in the Bible--not just the parts they cherry-pick?

Ever a creative holding company? 

A nice way to end things like this?

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