Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A cross word for my readers.

For all the cruddiness of our modern era, there is also a jaw-dropping loveliness as well. 

About three years ago, through LinkedIn, a young woman who was friendly with my younger daughter when they were 'tweens started writing to me. She was hoping to get a job as a copywriter in advertising. 

She showed all the qualities of someone with her head planted the right way on her shoulders. She wrote a good note. She was always timely. And was funny. All that stuff matters.

Her name is Sara Muchnick and since those early notes, Sara's had a rare and enviable career trajectory. 

On occasion, when I'm lucky, Sara and I have a Zoomfee™.
It's good for all involved when young people and old people connect. Everybody learns and everybody profits. And along the way, we usually share a laugh or an idea or two.

A couple of weeks ago, the Sunday New York Times Magazine ran a crossword puzzle created by a young copywriter, at 215 McCann, Adam Wagner

I knew Sara created puzzles, too. So I wound up introducing the two--like I was Jim Lang, host of the Dating Game. 

I proposed that Sara and Adam get together and create an advertising crossword for this dopey blog. 

Sunday night, I got a note from Sara. 

Like a lot of good writers, she went ahead and wrote a puzzle herself. No offense to Adam. Sara's bursting with ideas, energy and a conquer-the-world enthusiasm. She e'ed me an Ad Themed crossword, which I'm publishing here. You'll have to print this to fill it in. 
There's certainly no interactivity in this space.

There's one catch.

As there always is with me.

I'm not printing the answers.

Too many of you are cheaters.

If you want the answers, or if you want to meet a star in the industry, send Sara an email. Click here for her address and send her a note.

In my opinion, this is the way our industry is supposed to be. Fun people doing fun things. Helping each other. Sending the elevator back down.

BTW, the puzzle is called "FINE PRINT from 1959."

Enjoy. Good luck. And meet Sara. And say hi. And "help."

         Crossword "Fine Print from 1959©" by Sara Muchnick

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