Friday, December 10, 2021

Your next manifesto. I already wrote it.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe sideways.

We've waited long enough and we won't wait any longer.

Our time has come.

Time to seize the day.

Time to change the world.

Time to change our shorts.

Time to stand up and say we will not sit down.

Time to shout, "we will not be quiet."


Not us.

Not now.


We're the Generation that defies labels.

Call us "The Label Defying Generation."

Unlike all those generations before us, we hate to wait.

We despise lies.

We fight for what's right.

It's who we are.

It's whom we are.

Because we believe in direct objects.

Both directly and indirectly.

Like no other generation, we seek to make a difference.

In the world.

And out of it.

It's not enough to go green.

We want to go orange as well. 

And turquoise.

Yes, and plaid.

Because we've seen what humankind can do
when we join hands.

When we pull together.

When we join glands.

And get sent to HR.

Our time has come.

Time to start looking for stock footage.

Because today, tomorrow and tomorrow beyond tomorrow,
is yesterday's future.

And this is due


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