Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Next year's Super Bowl spots. One year early.

In today's world, 
a new risk emerges every second.

No one knows where it will come from.
Or what we can do about it.
We only know this.
That it's our duty to generations yet to come,
to respond,
With agility.
In a robust robustness that must increase our robustness.

Sometimes it seems like whatever's pulling us together,
is instead pulling us apart.
And, of course, politics too.
But by coming together,
we can come together.
In a spirit of togetherness.
The spirit that made this land a land of togetherness.

We don't question questions without seeking to answer
parentheticals. We look to accentuate the positive.
While not messing with Mr. In-between.
And all along the way, 
we agree with the things that are most expedient.
Because, it's bred in our bones.
And bones in our bread. With butter. 
Unsalted butter.
It's our lives. Our dreams.
More than that.
Our hopes.
For tomorrow.

So in today's world, that's why we say
it's not enough to be there.
If there isn't enough to be.
No, we have to be inclusive, reclusive, impulsive.
And we have to use a sieve.
To get rid of the lumps in the gravy that makes us this land tasty.

We have to reach out to one another.
And give not just a helping hand...
but we also must give a leg up.
And maybe a pancreas.

Because this is a small, blue dot we're living on.
And the spirit of freedom
runs through our veins.
It's what's made our beer cool, clean and crisp,
since our ancestors came to this valley so many centuries ago.
And said,

Here, we take our stand for unity.
For America.
For a cleaner future.
Not just for all of us.
But for some of us.
A land of dirt, and roots, and rocks.
A land of little shards of glass and radioactive waste.
A land, we call...home.

We're Prominose.
No one out-promins the nose.
Since 1642 we've been doing things to bring folks together
by separating them from their livelihoods.
From their heritage.
From their cattle.
Their homes.
Their families.
And most of all, their money.

With 5G services and 5G 5G-ness
and 5G osity.

It's not easy being the world's leader in
non-cow-based lactose-imitative products.
But to be outstanding in your field,
sometimes you have to stand out in the field.
It's fucking cold out in a field.
Always has been.
Always will be.
Do be a don't be.

I'm Wilfred Brimley.
And I believe that tomorrow's yesterday
is yesterday's today.
Always has been.
Always will be.
That's the way we were brought up.
In this place...
In this place we call.
Where the future is more than just another day.
It's every day.

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