Wednesday, November 4, 2020


Etiam si omnes, ego non.

Look up the Latin.

Maybe get a tattoo.

At least try to think about it.

As a slogan, it ain't "Just do it."


People who don't know me call me a pessimist.

I don't just see the glass half-empty, I say 'what glass.'

I am lugubrious by nature.


Brooding even.


People who know me--maybe they total three in number--will tell you I am about the toughest sonuvabitch on god's no-longer-green and warming to death earth.

That is, I NEVER throw in the towel.

I never give up.

I make the energizer bunny look like a slacker.

This will be a short post today. Apply it to the world. To whatever you're fighting. Or even advertising.

I will never give in to the motherfuckers.

The racists. The liars. The robbers. The greedy. The doctrinaire. The zealots.

Most of all, I will never give in to the bullies.

Because they're evil and small-minded isn't "creative direction." It's guidance for resistance. It tells us to be kinder, more generous and more expansive.

I'm not a religious person.

But to my mind all the guidance a human needs can be summed up in ten words.

Act justly. Love mercy. And walk humbly with thy god. (Please note--thy god--not just god. That is, you can follow your own god or gods.)

We will get through everything the Prognathous throw at us.

Keep the news off for a while.

Kiss your children.

Kiss your significant other.

Call friends.

Smile to people.

That too, is faith.

And fighting back.

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