Monday, March 17, 2008

I hate offsites, part 274.

About six-weeks ago the senior "leadership" of the agency at which I work had an offsite where we spent about ten hours cosigned to a windowless, fluorescent lit room in which we discussed how to make the agency a better place.

I was cynical when we started the session. But now that I've just been forwarded the notes from the session (you know, those words written without context, grammar or sense on 24"x36" over-sized sticky pads)my mood has not improved.

Here are some of the selected gems two-million-dollars worth of compensation came up with that day:

• Remove silos.
• More cohesion.
• Common understanding and plan of where we’re going
• Knowledge and respect (for each other’s roles)
• Purpose/Direction
• More cohesion
• Same page/clear focus
• Improve quality of work/life
• Improve listening, understanding

As Sartre wrote, "everything began to spin and I found myself siting on the ground: I laughed so hard I cried."

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