Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ghandi on Advertising.

With all due modesty I believe I have more ideas per second than about ten creative people put together. I think I was born blessed with dual-core processors in my head and they keep spinning well after the assignment is "done." I learned early on, again I was blessed, that what separates mediocre agencies from the one or two good ones is that good agencies keep making their work better even after it's sold. They keep pushing.

I do the same, speaking to account and creative people about ideas. They nod politely and hope I'll go away. In other words their complacency is akin to Ghandi's passive resistance. Their attitude, "If I listen to this, I have to work harder, call my client, stay late." Fuck it.

They'd rather suck. No wonder I've had four jobs in four years.

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