Thursday, March 13, 2008

As I got out of bed this morning.

And kissed my $4000/hr. hooker and bid her godspeed , I went into my living room to write this blog. Ah! the lures of the flesh are great, her firmness, her expertise, her...willingness to fulfill my every whim and caprice, BUT I HAVE A BLOG TO WRITE. And as Con Ed used to proclaim in olde New York, "Dig We Must." And so, while young Ashley in the other room bares her soul and her self and beckons me oh so alluringly, I reassert that though for most the spirit is weak but the flesh is willing, that as a Captain of the Blogoshere, the blog must go on, and so it goes. And here it is.

There is yet another new campaign for the world's number two chip maker, AMD. In about the last three years, my count says there have been about five other campaigns. Imagine for a minute how quickly AMD would be buried if Intel's work didn't suck the silicon right off the bone. AMD's new online ad? "As innovative as..." And then a photo slides in of sliced bread! Whoo hoo as WaMu would say.

I have a small bug up my keister about AMD because as an independent contractor I tried to pitch it once. This is the most banal, ham-handed, stooooopid work I've seen since Eliot Spitzer discovered the wire transfer.

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