Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And Hernando DeSoda-Water discovered the Fountain of Age.

It seems that many clients, advertising journalists, agencies and creative people are drinking deeply from the not-so-mythical Fountain of Age. They abide by media plans that are straight out of the late 1980s--in which 90% of the spend is for TV--even though TV no longer reaches 90% of the target.

Drink from the Fountain of Age and ignore changes in technology. In fact, when you drink from the Fountain of Age, you stay ignorant. Drink, drink, drink. Utter phrases like "We're not ready for mobile" or "Our customer is older, they're not heavy internet users." Skoal, cheers, L'chaim! Drink from the Fountain of Age!

Your product appeals to those who have $100K+ household income? Buy spots on national TV--where the audience's average household income is $40K. Drink, drink, drink!

Never experiment. Buy TV first. Raise high the banner of Best Practices. The liquid of the Fountain of Age is like nectar. Drink!

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Tore Claesson said...

A couple of TV spots basically produces themselves, compared to the complexity of a new media campaign.
a good enough enough reason for many an agency and client theretoo.