Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Women with stones on their spines.

Every resort, every spa, every portrait of luxury I see these days, seems to have a photo of a topless dame with rocks on her back.

So-called creative people, who gravitate toward Apple computers seldom "think different." In fact most often they "think same." And allow their clients to regress to the mean as well.


Tore Claesson said...

part of the problem is that thanks to computers and image libraries such as corbis and getty everybody expects ideas sketches to look like final art work.
the search for a nice looking image has replaced the time we used to taker to think up original image ideas and then draw a rough marker sketch of.
if we wanted to really make sure the idea worked we used vizualers.
the personal computer has done more to un-personlize most everything we do or take part of. it's all part of the same package.
if you dare to mshow a marker ketch for an idea people think you haven't done your work.

george tannenbaum said...