Monday, March 24, 2008

The all fiber-optic network.

Verizon whose advertising is dumbed down to absolutely imbecilic levels has decided to tout itself as the all-fiber-optic network. I can hear Verizon clients in the back of my head telling their copywriters to use simpler language because people won't understand anything that isn't at a second grade level. Yet, the same client trumpets the all fiber-optic network as if that has meaning to anyone. Besides, who in their right mind would care?

Do film studios proclaim themselves the all-Panavision lenses studio? Do photographers call themselves the all-ekta-chrome shutterbug? Do I write that I am an all-bodoni copywriter? Does anyone care HOW things are done, how information and images are delivered? NO. They care what is delivered. It was different when NBC became the all-color network, because color you can see.

When it comes to phones and ISPs, people care about service and audio and video quality and price.

Verizon. The all-stupid marketing network.

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Tore Claesson said...

I keep saying this. Either I'm not normal, nor are my friends normal, but everything Verizon, as far as their advertising goes, is simply annoying, according to all of us. Some of us still have Verizon. Well, it 's certainly not thanks to the ads, rather despite them.
Not even thanks to the pricing policy or the the service.
It's because nofuckingbody else is much better either.
And that, my friend, is actually true for many a brand.
They all fuck us. I't's a matter of degrees. And no, Verizon is not a degree better than most.
It's just that we've given up, to some degree.