Sunday, March 23, 2008

Let's get dirty.

Generally speaking, I have a good deal of respect for the work BBDO does. The account they can't seem to do anything but crap on, however, is Gillette. Apparently there's a new Gillette "Clinical Strength Anti-perspirant." First, I ask you to consider what an anti-perspirant clinic must look like. Welcome to the "Fat Ass Institute of Sweat." A sweat think-tank.

Second, this is this product's tagline: "Change your life, not your shirt."

Is that the goal of American men? "Man, I've changed my life. I have an seven-figure salary. A 6'1" blonde, Swedish girl-friend who fucks like a bunny, a 12-room apartment in a pre-war on lower 5th Avenue, and I haven't changed my shirt in 27 days."

Finally, the copy of this ad: "provides 34% better wetness protection than a prescription product. And you don't need a prescription." Wait a sec, there's a prescription anti-perspirant?


Morton said...

As for antiperspirant requiring a prescription, I was surprised to learn it is a drug according to t he FDA. And, yes, there are dosage recommendations. I guess that means you can OD on antiperspirant!

Since it's a drug you don't see ads for children's antiperspirant. I don't think you can advertise drugs to children in the US. At least not yet.

Tore Claesson said...

Tape a sandwich bag to your arm pits, change the bags twice a week, and your shirt will remain fresh for up to six weeks, provided you don't puke on it, and use a gladpack around your neck in order not to soil the collar.
this is a great for the environment. Imagine the amount of washing powder saved from polluting our water sources.