Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sprint's CEO on TV.

Goodby's new Iacocca-esq commercials featuring Sprint's CEO has a lot going for it. The guy seems believable, he seems to be trying, but at the end of the day, by offering me the ability to talk more, he's really not offering me very much. Consumers' issues with telcos involve non-existent customer service, undecipherable bills, bait and switch tactics and virulent over-promise.

The spots also remind me of a ditty I've recited through the years, written by either David Ogilvy or the poet John Betjeman.

When the client moans and sighs,
Make his logo twice the size.
If he still should prove refractory
Show a picture of his factory.
Only in gravest cases
Should you show the clients' faces.

My two-cents says Goodby loses the account within a year. Not their fault, of course, but as Sprint continues to bleed customers (last stat I saw was something like almost 700,000 customers leaving every quarter. Though that's from my memory and could be wrong)someone must be blamed.

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