Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cliche alert.

Today's cliche alert goes beyond the smiling aquiline-nosed black person with the faux dreadlocks laughing uproariously while sitting next to the wise Latina and the glasses-wearing blond. They are huddled around a computer monitor or speaking on the phone. They aren't people, NO! They are a gorgeous mosaic of happy diversity and soul-less pulchritude.

Today's cliche might even be dumber than that, though probably just as artificial. It is the wind turbine. Today, if a company wants to convey that it is green and with it, they put a wind turbine in their ad. You'd think, judging by all the wind turbines in ads, that gasoline stations would be closing left and right and would be replaced by kite shops.

Undoubtedly there are more wind turbines than ever in the US and they probably are proliferating like rabbits or account people, I suppose that's fine, and I have nothing against them as alternative energy. I just wish creative people would use a little energy in coming up with an alternative.

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jeaves said...

Isn't that what Istock photos are for? Cliche agencies pandering to cliche clients? No offense to those who genuinely use these for budget purposes.