Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A glimpse of the future.

“Am I to understand you once did a beer commercial…”
“Your Honor, I can explain…”
“You once did a beer commercial that didn’t end in a fart joke.”
“Your honor, it was for a high-end imported be..."
“This panel holds no truck with such carping and caviling.
Once in fact you did a pharma commercial that had no woman
arms-outstretched swinging gaily in a field of high-grass.
You once did a soda spot without a half-naked babe.”
“Your honor, I can explain.”
“This panel accepts no explanation.”
“But but…”
“We sentence you to six months of low-paying freelance.”
“100 un-returned phone calls from former friends…”
“And then a job writing retail catalogs.”

I woke up with a jerk.
I am now firmly against Obama’s advertising Death Panels.

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