Monday, August 10, 2009

The investigation is ongoing.

I just heard an item on NPR about the mid-air crash over the Hudson River of a small airplane and a helicopter. Naturally a local Congressman called for a study and naturally a federal agency, this time the FAA, replied "an investigation is ongoing."

An ongoing investigation, like a committee to streamline agency processes, or an ad industry diversity council is a grand subterfuge. You hear a lot about investigations, committees, councils, ad hoc groups beginning, you seldom if ever hear of their accomplishments.

So add that phrase to our list of "newspeak." An investigation is ongoing. It means nothing will happen.


Tore Claesson said...

Well, the guys who do the work, the actual work, will find out the facts, and report to those who are in charge of the so called investigation. Of course they would have found out the facts whether there's a so called investigation or not, as it's their job to find out stuff. They investigate all the time.
Now. The less you actually do, the higher up you are, the more you earn, and the more important you seem. We're all taken hostage by the professional class of LEADERS, PEOPLE IN CHARGE, polifuckingticians in other words. That might take some special talents.But more likely prestige schooling and old family ties. It does for sure take no particular genius other than being born with a silver spoon and the simple skill not to drop that piece of cutlery first thing, which of course is just lottery luck.

jeaves said...

I was wondering how many news reports had said "investigation ongoing" never followed up or offered any resolution when MJ died and thats all we heard about for a month.