Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's your ratio?

The New York City school system, like so many giant bureaucracies reputedly has more people managing teachers than teachers. The US Military operates in much the same way. We have nearly two-million people in uniform, but our capabilities are stretched when 100,000 soldiers or 1/20th, are in the field. Because most of those two-million are administrators. Most organizations run this way, including of course, advertising agencies. In fact, assuming you still have a job, look around your agency. How many people make the product (ads) versus how many people administer timesheets or tell you you can't have a certain technology that will make your ads better.


Tore Claesson said...

unfortunately the same goes for healthcare

jeaves said...

I have the belief that once you are big enough that there is one full time associate that never puts their finger on the creative, then you have hit that point of no return. For every one creative you add, 3 more administrators creep in then they seem to reproduce on their own.

They don't make a spray to rid your company of excess administration that the FDA has approved yet.

Teenie said...

Our ratio is pretty good--although it's a privately owned agency, so that may be why.

It's the government/hospital/city/public sector ratios that get my knickers in a bind. All our money going to useless job posts and incompetent people... it's no wonder we're in debt.

Anonymous said...


seen this related gem from a recent nytimes link?


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