Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Logos 'R' us.

Since creating logos seems like it is today's au courant substitute to actually having an idea, I guess the "service" below was inevitable. An online service to "create a unique, lasting brand for your business."


There is so much wrong with the logo-ization of brands that I'm not exactly sure where to begin. But let me start here. A brand is not defined by a logo. A brand is defined by the way it acts and the way it serves. The nazis had a great logo as did world communism. Those brands have fabulous marques, systems and branding, but who wants to do business with them?

Logos, and as James Thurber wrote, "you could lookit up," developed as signs in preliterate societies so people could recognize a business or, more likely, a tavern.
In and of themselves they have no meaning.

Maybe I am so anti-the-logoization of our business because the dopes who create logos are the biggest arses in the world. Both reductionist and masturbatory in their use of logic to explain why the logo works--why it makes sense. "The bird flying off to the right means freedom" for a logo on a maximum security extraordinary rendition facility.

You get the idea.


Teenie said...

Our CD was talking about a site that did logos for $25 a pop. I agree that a logo represents the brand behind it, but it's got to say a little something all on its own, too. I don't mean to say a company should invest $50,000 on a logo--but you ain't going to get much variety at 2 for $50, either.

Tore Claesson said...

George, how right youn are.