Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The first and last Ad Aged circumcision tagline contest.

I've written a couple of posts of late about circumcision. Each of those posts have generated a fair bit of conversation. So I thought I'd keep that conversation going by starting a circumcision tagline contest.

There are no rules.

You can be for or against circumcision. Or both.
You can enter as often as you like.
I am entering too.
I am the judge.

Here are my entries to date:

Circumcise. Circumwise.

It's your schlong, keep it long.


Teenie said...


A snip to the tip will keep you fit.


Bad infection? Bye-bye erection.

(Although you may want to keep that last one off the kiddie networks.)

Tooch said...

Hoodies. Don't leave home without them.

Snip it or you'll get a hideous infection and your dick will fall off.

Unknown said...

A schlong like a Goy? Oy!

george tannenbaum said...

At close of business, the press secretary is inching ahead.

rob said...

to free, or not to free, that is the question

Laura said...

Think ahead. Circumcise responsibly.

Omair said...

Lean, mean and cut clean.

Uncut editions are always in demand.

jeaves said...

Pro: Avoid a dribble, take off a nibble

Pro: Free Willy

Pro: Lean meat, a healthier choice.

Con: "Upon reviewing the finish line replay, Saturday Sam was ahead by a nose."

george tannenbaum said...

Tooch wins with his eloquent yet haunting: "Snip it or you'll get a hideous infection and your dick will fall off."

The Press Secretary's "A schlong like a Goy? Oy!" comes in second.

And Jeaves' "Avoid a dribble, take off a nibble" comes in third.

Thank you all for doing this "pro-boner" work.

Teenie said...

Dang--guess one needs a schlong for better inspiration!