Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This might get a bit woolly.

I see the world, at times, in a Manichean manner. That is, there are forces of evil and good and they are in a constant struggle for the soul of mankind and the fate of humanity. Well, maybe I'm not that absolute, but you get the idea.

In the past, I've always believed that you could divide agencies, clients and even people into two categories. There are the "Yes, we cans" and there are the "No, we can'ts." You don't have to be at an agency long to determine which attitude impels your agency.

Now I'm adding to that dichotomy. There is another way to segment the world. There are those who feel talent is a value vs. those who believe talent is a cost. Right now I am battling against my own internal Maslowian need for security and fighting myself. I am being wooed by an agency that seems--at least it seems their HR people feel this way--that talent (i.e. me) is an expensive drain on the company. I am feeling the opposite of welcomed.

I have been working for a long time, supervising people, running groups or agencies. I've been a dad for over two decades. The only time I really ever get pissed at people who work for me or my daughters is when they say something equivalent to "Well, I guess I'm just lucky to have a job." Words to that effect are self-deprecating and destructive.

I don't want to work at a place that seems to want to put me in that vassal position--regardless of how shitty the economy is.

For now, I suppose in the twilight of my career, I am unwilling to accept that this is the twilight of my career. I still believe whatever I ask for I am worth it and then some.

And recession or not, I'm not giving up on that belief.


Teenie said...

Sometimes we work with people who feel creative is a necessary evil. Keep holding out, Geo--you're a wise man and you deserve the right agency fit.

Laura said...

Negotiating with HR people is incredibly dehumanizing. Why can't senior creatives speak and negotiate with senior creatives?
Who are they to know what the value of creative talent truly is? They spend their days getting rid of creatives (or pissing them off).