Thursday, August 13, 2009

Words vs. deeds.

You hear a lot, from clients, from the trade press, from cliche slingers about the importance of story-telling in advertising. Then the time comes to tell a story and you start hearing things like, "nobody reads," "too many words," "who cares." As an existentialist might say, 'there's a subject-object chasm.' Or some such.

I just came upon this piece from Scotland that is wonderful. It's all about the product. All about the brand. All about their tagline. And a wonderful, watchable, shareable story.

I don't say this often, but I wish I had done it.

Take a look at it here.
Normally, I'd upload the video, but I'm working on a fuhkaktah freelancer's mac and I can't.


Janice Cartier said...

Wow. Thanks for that one. Truly memorable and you can almost taste the rich determination they have managed to bottle. :)

( I came to you via Kelly Erickson's Maximum customer Experience .)

Laura said...

Does make you want to learn more, drink JW and visit Scotland. Even did a little research and found that this story is based on truth, which is pretty refreshing.

Thanks for sharing this memorable story.

bob hoffman said...

You don't see "fuhkaktah" much in print anymore, do you?

george tannenbaum said...

No, Bob, there's some fuhstunkenah rule against it.